Trump makes first appearance in Bullhead City by sitting president

BULLHEAD CITY — A few minutes after noon on Wednesday, a dot appeared in the southern sky.

Slowly, over the next several minutes, the dot grew larger and the estimated 15,000 attendees of the President Donald J. Trump’s Make America Great Again Victory Rally began turning their heads to watch history being made.

The dot was Air Force One making its final approach to Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport, carrying President Trump. Trump made history as the first sitting president to make an appearance in Bullhead City.

“This is quite a crowd, quite a crowd,” Trump said as he began his speech to an appreciative audience. “Wow. Hello, Arizona.”

Trump spoke for a little more than an hour about a range of topics, typically comparing his goals for the future and how they differ from his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“A vote for me is a vote for massive middle-class tax cuts, regulation cuts, fair trade, strong borders and American energy independence,” said Trump. “It’s a vote to support our police, support our military, defend our Second Amendment, stand up to China and make sure more products are proudly stamped with that beautiful phrase ‘Made in the USA.’ ”

Trump said he would be bringing “epic job growth” and a vaccine “very quickly” that would eradicate the novel coronavirus.

“Normal life will fully resume,” added Trump. “That’s what we want, right? And next year will be the greatest economic year our country has ever seen.”

Trump then moved on to talking about his opponent, often going off on tangents about the media or “Big Tech” and what he said was their role in helping the Biden campaign.

“He’s a sleepy guy, no doubt about it,” said Trump. “They are a powerful party. They’re tied in with the Fake News Media, the lame-stream media and Big Tech.”

Trump blasted Big Tech (Facebook and Twitter among others) and the news media for not covering alleged corruption in the Biden family. He got a big reaction from the raucous crowd whenever he called out the media, calling them “Fake News.” Several times he pointed at the area where several national media outlets, including CNN, were located as well as local media and blamed them. The crowd would take its cue and begin booing the media, shouting at the local and national media and even turned to vulgar name-calling, but Trump continued his assault on the “fake media” by describing a couple of poll results he heard over the past couple of days.

He said that he had just been in Wisconsin and heard this morning he was up a point over Biden in Wisconsin, but an ABC/Washington Post poll said he is 17 points down in Wisconsin.

Trump said that voting for Biden would be voting for the largest tax increase in history, pricing regulation, very late-term abortions and slashing Medicare and Social Security.

“A vote for Sleepy Joe is a vote for open borders, offshore jobs and shredding your Second Amendment,” added Trump.

He also called out Biden for flip-flopping on fracking, saying that Biden was against it until he got to Pennsylvania, where he suddenly was for it.

Late in the rally, he had a compilation video played which began with several prominent Democratic governors and other high-ranking representatives lauding Trump for his handling of various issues followed by video of gaffes made by Biden. The roughly five-minute video showed multiple times where Biden had slipped up on a name, what office he was running for and other mistakes.

At times, Trump seemed to be reading talking points off a teleprompter, but a wind that kicked up as he took the stage caused him trouble. Feedback from the microphones also upset the president to the point where he suggested not paying those responsible for setting up the teleprompters or the microphones.

Through it all, the crowd several times broke into chants of “Four More Years”, “Lock Him Up (Hunter Biden)” and “USA.” They even began a “We Love Trump” chant.

After comparing himself to Biden, Trump made sure to bring the rally back to a positive place by announcing: “You’re so lucky I’m your president.”

“Six days from now we are going to win Arizona, we are going to win Nevada and we are going to win four more years,” added Trump.