When responding to an emergency, minutes matter. First Responders can lose precious time getting to the location where they are needed because they cannot locate the home or business due to address numbers that are not easily visible from the street. If you cannot see your address when you drive up to your home or business in the daylight, imagine how difficult it would be for emergency responders during the night.

The Fire Board of the Bullhead City Fire District adopted requirements long ago (August 2003) that all new and existing buildings, including residential, commercial and industrial facilities, must have address numbers on the buildings visible and legible from the street fronting the property. The minimum size of the numbers shall be 3” for residential and 6” for commercial and industrial facilities. The numbers shall contrast with their background. If the address is not legible from the street, larger numbers shall be required.

Help to protect your family and your property, if you require 911 services, fire, law enforcement, and EMS will be able to locate you faster.

  • Use large numbers to display your address.
  • Insure numbers are visible in the dark – numbers on a mailbox or post should be reflective or on a highly contrasting background.
  • The address should be visible from both directions – numbers on the mailbox should be posted on both sides.
  • Locate numbers near the roadway – if your house is not visible from the street, post numbers, so they are visible from the road. If your home is across the street from the mailbox, post the numbers along the driveway.
  • Keep numbers visible – trim bushes and weeds, so all numbers are easily located.