In honor of Arizona’s fallen heroes, Veterans United Inc. is conducting its annual Christmas wreath display on the north peninsula of Arizona Veterans Memorial Park on the Colorado River.

The organization is again seeking sponsorships for the commemorative wreaths.

Wreaths may be purchased to honor any veteran, from any state, living or dead, from any time period, said Larry Stevenson, VUI board member. The wreath will have the name of the sponsor on one leg of the ribbon and the name of the veteran on the other.

The tax-deductible sponsorships are available now through Jan. 12 at $25 for one wreath or $100 for five wreaths. To sponsor, or for more information, call Cyndie McClure at 928-219-6307, Stacy Bahner at 219-605-9728, Larry Stevenson at 928-542-7662 or Dick Patzold at 928-704-0077.

The wreaths will be placed on display Saturday; the public is invited to attend a brief opening day ceremony beginning at noon at the Eternal Flame. The wreaths will remain on display through mid-January.

In addition, Veterans United will place a large wreath in front of the main memorial on the Riviera Peninsula south entrance, behind the American Legion at the end of Riviera. All proceeds will be used to enhance Memorial Park with new monuments, said Dick Patzold, VUI director. 

Thanks to donations and a $25,000 Mohave Electric Cooperative WCS grant, the group’s most recent project, a cap placed on the pillars of the Eternal Flame, was completed in November.

“We’ve been fundraising for years,” Patzold said. “Along with the money we’ve raised and other donations, the grant from Mohave Electric Cooperative allowed us to complete this project and move on to other planned improvements in the park.” 

Upcoming projects include the installation of a memorial honoring Arizona medics and corpsmen and a bridge to connect the north and south peninsulas

Veterans United Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, made up of volunteers dedicated to honoring veterans who have served in the past and are currently serving the country.

The group meets every third Thursday at various locations, Patzold said. Anyone interested in volunteering or making donations should call 928-704-0077.

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