The home team took a top prize at Saturday night’s Taste of Bullhead event.

The host Avi Resort & Casino’s filet of beef Wellington was named top entree in the competition among a variety of local eateries, from restaurants and coffee shops to a hospital and the food-service vendor for local school districts.

Felix Rodriguez, room chef at the Avi’s Moonshadow Grille, said the beef Wellington dish was something the Avi had showcased as a special during the Christmas holidays.

“If somebody wants it (now), I’ll make it for him,” he said.

He said that a whole team worked really hard on the Avi’s entries for the competition, and that he was proud of the outcome.

He noted that today is his birthday.

“This is a hell of a present, right here,” Rodriguez said, pointing to the trophy the group received.

Pixie Dust Treats Bakery, of Fort Mohave, won best dessert honors. Owner Sandi Goodrich said her items came from a dilemma she had in fitting the evening’s James Bond theme.

There are “not a lot of desserts” in Bond movies, Goodrich said. So she combined two of the master spy’s passions — alcohol and gambling — into her entries.

They included Jack Daniel’s fudge and Bailey’s fudge.

The best appetizer trophy went to Bumbleberry Flats, while Firehouse Coffee was deemed to have the ritziest booth.

Attendees at the event were encouraged to go along with the James Bond theme, with Chuck Rogers taking 

home a trophy as best Bond.

The bond movie “Goldfinger” was doubly represented in the trophy count, with Andrew Sevillano’s Oddjob getup earning him “best Bond villain” honors, and Sara Miranda’s turn as the gold-covered Jill Masterson earning her the title of “best femme fatale.”

“I went through the list of villains and vixens, and this is what I decided to go with,” Miranda said, adding that many guests wanted to take selfies with her.

The 13 competitors offered dishes as varied as sugar-free desserts, quesadillas, candied pork jowl bacon and chicken marsala, the latter courtesy of Chartwells School Dining Services.

Chartwells’ Jody Cheever said the company participated as a way of showing the quality of what it does for students.

“We may not feed them food just like this,” Cheever said. “But we put just as much care into it.”

The event is a fundraiser for the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce. Organizer Jolise Sexton said it’s a chance for local restaurants and pastry chefs, among others, to show off their talents.

She said afterward that she considered the evening a big success, based on what the guests were saying.

“The serving sizes and the entrees presented were fabulous,” Sexton said. “The decorations were over the top. Everybody was very pleased.”

The evening also included raffles for $1,000 cash and 33 bottles of wine and spirits and a live auction for more than $16,000 in prizes.

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