Discussion to possibly revise a resolution prohibiting the movement of water outside Mohave Valley Irrigation and Drainage District is on the agenda for the district’s board meeting Tuesday.

MVIDD Resolution 90-01, passed in 1989 and amended in 2008, prohibits movement of any water contracted by the district under its Bureau of Reclamation contract to outside the district.

It is a discussion-only item; no voting or any other action will be taken, said MVIDD Board Chairman Chip Sherrill.

“We’re going to talk about fallowing again and we’re going to bring some more information to the forefront for the public,” Sherrill said.

After meeting in executive session at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the MVIDD offices, 1460 Commercial St., for consultation with district counsel, board members will reconvene for their regularly scheduled meeting at 4 p.m. at Mohave Valley Fire Department, 1451 Willow Drive. Executive sessions are closed to the public. 

Sherrill said he, Perry Muscelli, board treasurer, and Michael Pearce, board counsel, spoke Monday with representatives of Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District by teleconference. 

“We spoke with CAGRD again to talk about some of the items that were important to us and to get a more conceptual idea of what a fallowing program for MVIDD would look like — not Yuma, not anyone else, but what this district would look like if we do a fallowing program,” Sherrill said. “We asked them to please clarify so we can release it to the public and take a look at it.”

Central Arizona Groundwater Replacement District is pursuing the purchase of seven Mohave Valley farm properties and their associated water rights for the purpose of generating a water supply for Phoenix and Tucson through a rotational fallowing program.

The proposed $34 million sale is contingent on modification of Resolution 90-01.

More meetings with CAGRD are likely to take place, Sherrill said.

Board members also will discuss and take possible action to revise MVIDD bylaws regarding board member meeting attendance and consider the application to approve the final commercial water allocation request of 3 acre feet for Burger King. 

Members also will discuss and take possible action to approve the voter registration application of Robert B. Arnold in Division III and will consider hiring B3 Strategies for legislative consulting services. Board members also will vote on whether or not to approve the 2017 Annual Crop Report for Bureau of Reclamation.

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