The Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall has been sold to a new owner, who will take over operations as of May 1.

Val Gabaldon, marketing manager for the Pioneer, said the current owner will continue operations through April 30. There will be a “seamless transition” to the new owners who will take over on May 1, she continued.

Current employees received notification that The New Pioneer, LLC, is the new owner and that they have the opportunity to apply for continued employment, Gabaldon said. Based on the letter, it will be assumed that any employee who doesn’t file the paperwork doesn’t want to be considered.

While intentions to do renovations have been noted, there hasn’t been any mention of permanently closing the business or demolishing the building, Gabaldon said.

According to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal in January 2017, a sale had been in the works for some time. Property owners reached a deal in August 2016 to sell the property for $11 million.

As reported by the Review-Journal, Archon Corporation, which owns The Pioneer, would lease back the property from the buyer, King David, LLC. King David is controlled by Ray Koroghli, of Henderson, Nev. Koroghli  signed the letter dated Feb. 23 that was given to employees notifying them of the sale.

Details of the sale including price, when it closed, any permitting needed or not needed were not available at press time. 

The agenda for the next meeting of the Nevada Gaming Commission had no mention of the Pioneer, nor did minutes from the commission’s meetings over the past month.

Gabaldon said as information becomes available, it will get passed on to the media and other outlets.


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