The price of everything seems to keep going up.

One exception: tuition at Mohave Community College.

The college’s Board of Governors voted Friday to accept a recommendation from administrators to leave tuition unchanged for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

It will be the fourth straight year without a tuition increase.

College President Michael Kearns said that MCC is the only college in Arizona which has gone that long without raising tuition.

“I think this is commendable,” said board member Julie Bare. “We deliver services above and beyond what the students expect and we are able to maintain this.”

Kearns said that tuition being flat is actually helping some students get ahead, as Pell Grants tend to rise a little each year.

For Arizona residents, the cost of one credit hour at MCC will remain $81.

The cost for MCC students who live in 14 other western states, along with active-duty military personnel, will stay at $121.50 per credit hour. Other out-of-state students will pay $283.50 per credit hour.

MCC student Brittney Manson was pleased when she heard about the decision. She said she thinks most students realize that colleges and universities often raise tuition rates every year or two, and the students will be very happy that MCC is holding firm.

“I think that is a huge benefit for us because everything can get pretty expensive and I’m glad that MCC is fighting to keep college affordable for us,” said Manson, a second-year Lake Havasu City Campus student.

Student Nina Martorano said that studying radiologic technology would be much harder without MCC holding the line on tuition.

College spokesman James Jarman said MCC’s tuition rates are among the lowest in the country. 

The motion also included approval of a fee schedule for 2018-2019. Kearns said there were no major changes, and some of the fees are “new” because courses have been re-named.

Other fees within programs have been shifted more equally across classes, chief academic officer Stephen Eaton said. 

Also staying in place is a 50 percent break on a first-time MCC student’s first class. Senior citizens will get a 50 percent discount on tuition for all classes.

Also at the meeting, Bullhead City Campus Dean Shawn Bristle told board members that MCC will host a March 29 event called ConCom, designed to bring together students, community members and business leaders in a fun and casual atmosphere.

Bristle said that the goals include getting information to high-school students about available career and educational opportunities and the pathways toward them, connecting employers with potential candidates and rasing money for the MCC Foundation.

More details will be released later, Jarman said.

Kearns told board members the state legislature is debating a bill concerning free speech on campus.

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