City Council members voted Tuesday to adopt Resolution No. 2017R-59, ratifying the order of the improvement area known as Laughlin Ranch Boulevard Improvement District.

“These are important items the city has been addressing this year,” said City Manager Toby Cotter in his introduction of the agenda item to council members. “We’ve spent a lot of time developing this proposal.”

The LRBID resolution included awarding a $3,528,536 million construction contract to McCormick Construction Company to execute and deliver the improvement district development, including the construction of a road connecting the Bullhead Parkway to Highway 95 at Laughlin Ranch Boulevard. 

The contract includes construction of the roadway pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, drainage, water, sewer, street lighting, traffic signal and other utility improvements. The project is being financed through the creation of the LRBID and the sale of bonds.

The voluntary improvement district was proposed by land owners and creates an important corridor to Highway 95, Cotter said. The road also benefits public safety, saves the traveling public time and creates an efficient route.

The sale of the bonds is scheduled to occur in November and the start of construction is estimated to be in January, 2018.

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