Rotary Club members recognized the contributions of City Manager Toby Cotter with a Paul Harris Fellow award during Tuesday’s Bullhead City Council meeting.

“I’m kind of shocked and honored all at the same time,” Cotter said. 

Presented by local Rotary Club members Scott Merrill, Greg Eidsness and Bullhead City Rotary President Ken Gregory, the Paul Harris Fellow recognizes individuals who contribute or have contributions made in their name of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. 

“Part of what we do is through the Rotary Foundation — what that lets us do worldwide is provide the funds for projects across the globe and one of the biggest ones is trying to defeat polio, which is almost done,” Merrill said. “Toby, we want to thank you for all you’ve done; every time we’ve needed something, you’ve been there for us and we really want to thank you for that.”

Paul Harris Fellows include Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, Boris Yeltsin and Jonas Salk, Merrill said. 

“We have a fantastic relationship with the Rotarians and the Rotary Club and I have the wonderful support of the city council to do all that,” Cotter said. “Quite frankly, we’re working on a number of projects right now including the main entrance to Rotary Park with the Rotarians, so I’m honored to get the Paul Harris Fellow and I really appreciate it.”

The Rotary members also presented a certificate of appreciation to the city, which was accepted on behalf of the city by Mayor Tom Brady.

“We are so happy that you guys partner with this city,” Brady said. “Because all you do for this city is just unbelievable.”

The mayor noted that Bullhead City Rotary has been working on developing Rotary Park since the 1980s.

“Almost everything you see out there has got (Rotary’s) hand in it,” Brady said. “They contribute hundreds, and I literally mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in improvements to Rotary Park to the benefit of all of the citizens of Bullhead City and for that we are eternally grateful.”

In his presentation remarks, Merrill said, “We couldn’t do any of this without help from the city; that’s what we’re here for tonight, to give the city a certificate of appreciation for all the things they do for us and to let everyone know that we appreciate that very much.”

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