The 2018 Cost-of-Living Index Annual Average Data first quarter report recognized Bullhead City as the most affordable city in Arizona and one of the most affordable cities in the southern United States.

“Our unemployment rates are down, our economy is booming and our cost of living is among the lowest in the nation. Our residents enjoy the affordability of the community,” said City Manager Toby Cotter. “The affordability of the community helps us attract new residents and new businesses.”

Bullhead City’s overall composite score for the first quarter of 2018 was 89.0 percent. 

A city’s composite index is made up of six components; grocery items, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services. The cost-of-living doesn’t measure local price changes from period to period, but rather changes in how local prices compare to prices in other areas from period to period. The breakdown of the six components for the City of Bullhead City is 79.2 percent for housing costs, 88.7 percent for utilities costs, 101 percent for transportation costs, 94.2 percent for healthcare, 102.5 percent for grocery items and 87.9 percent for miscellaneous goods and services. When compared to the other six Arizona cities that participated, Bullhead City is the lowest in utilities, healthcare and miscellaneous goods and services. 

The city’s low cost of living continues to be attractive to new residents and businesses looking to relocate from higher-cost areas such as southern California’s Orange County area at 148.5 percent and the Los Angeles-Long Beach area at 147.1 percent, city officials said. The other six Arizona cities that participated this quarter and their overall composite scores are: Lake Havasu City, 101.6 percent; Phoenix, 96 percent; Surprise, 99.1 percent; Yuma, 92.4 percent; Sierra Vista, 92.2 percent; Tucson, 92.2 percent.

A COLI calculator is available on the city’s website at

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