This weekend marked the 10th anniversary of the “Haunt and Glow Car Show” at the Tropicana Laughlin.

The day (and night) show from Friday-Sunday allowed entrants to go wildly spooky with decorations if they choose, and even had a Halloween costume contest.

This year, nearly 100 cars were submitted for judging. Trophies were given out Sunday morning.

Clem LeGrosa, who organized the event, said the Saturday night costume contest seemed to attract more people than ever.

And, he said, “we had quite a few newcomers.”

The Coleman family of Dolan Springs won three prizes for display of their vehicles. Ron and Paula were honored for presentation of their 1973 Dodge Dart. So were their sons Chris and Kevin. Chris showed a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle and Kevin brought a 1965 Ford Thunderbird.

These weren’t the first wins in this show for members of this family.

“We’ve been here before,” said Paula Coleman.

Michael and Judy Biggy of Big Bear, California, brought their 1929 Model A Ford. He has had it for 16 years and won a few awards, including one on Sunday.

While he really likes his Ford, he explained that he’s actually a “Chevy man at heart.” 

Unique newer auto makes have their own categories in the show.

L. Cruz of Glendora, who owns a PT Cruiser, also won. He said after the ceremony that the vehicles, no longer in production after 2010, “have a retro look.”

The Island Cruisers Car Club, which promotes the event each year, received a special 10th anniversary award. The Inland Empire group started by concentrating on the Chrysler PT Cruiser but ultimately welcomed members who fancy other vehicles and even motorcycles.

A number of Toyota Scions, also no longer in production under that name, were in the show. 

Jesse Duran, of Los Angeles, took home a couple of awards for his blue Scion with black accents.

As a young man he owned a Volkswagen Beetle, but sold it when he entered the U.S. Army.

Duran came home from the service and saw his first Scion. 

“It made me feel the same way as my Bug,” he remembered.

He bought his first Scion in 2005 and managed to get 300,000 miles on it before another driver crashed into him. The Scion was a total loss.

But Duran managed to buy a second one, which he brought to the car show. 

He looking into buying his wife her own Scion, he said.

Some Scions were rebranded and made part of the 2017 Toyota product line.

Even though first place trophies had a witch on them, second place a Jack O’Lantern and third place a zombie, scary decorations were optional. These vehicles are pretty spectacular without holiday accessories and that’s why there were trophy categories for entries decorated and not decorated.

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